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The Best Charles + Caroline Moments // Guest Post by Naomi

Naomi Bennet is a dear friend of mine whom many of you know from her blog Wonderland Creek. I am so excited she was able to write a post for this week. Thanks so much Naomi!!

The best Charles + Caroline moments.

Hi there, people! I’m DELIGHTED to pop into Ashley’s Little House week. (As I type, I cannot say that it’s marvellous, because it hasn’t started yet, but I’m SURE it will be because, duh, Little House.) If you know me, you know I’m a Little House fan. If you don’t know me, now you know. If you want to know me more, go and visit my blog, Wonderland Creek. Thanks.

I’m a Little House fan. Well, that’s an understatement if there ever was one. I LOVE everything and anything Little House. The romance, the genealogy, the traditions, the quotes… the whole Little House smell and feel just hits home to me. Today I am very honoured to be here to talk about my favourite Little House couple of all time – Charles and Caroline. I love Caroline’s sensible-ness and loving heart; I LOVE Charlie/Charles; the way he’s always singing and grinning. I love them together.

VoilĂ , my favourites Caroles moments. (Yes, I invent a ship name. Shut up.) These are in no particular order, although they should be chronological – if it’s a favourite one, I will mention it and get crazy in caps. You’ll see.
Of course, the first one has to be the one where they MEET. In ‘Across the Rolling River’ they meet as cute farmer kids in the woods on a Spring Sunday afternoon. (Pity Caroline’s nutty brother Henry had to be there. I suppose she needed a chaperone.) Of course, this might not all be 100% accurately true, but I like to THINK so.
He then gave a little bow, touching his finger to his brow as if tipping a hat to Caroline.
“Pleased to meet you,” he said.
Caroline suddenly felt shy under his clear blue gaze. She gave a quick smile and ducked her head.

And that’s how the book ends as well. Which is adorable.

Second, I loooove all their spelling-bee-scenes. Like, the way they compete against each other, but still do it with a good laugh added. (Unlike Anne and Gilbert. Hahaha.) These scenes are so priceless and soooo darn shippable, that I’m just going to let the snippets of ‘Across the Rolling River’ speak for themselves:
“Aw Charlie, you let a girl beat you,” Jamie called.
“I’ll get you next time, Caroline Quiner,” Charlie said on his way back to his seat. But he did not say it in a mean way. He gave Caroline his friendly grin, and his sharp blue eyes held a twinkle.

Caroline took a deep breath and glanced down the length of the table to where Charlie was sitting. Charlie was looking right at her. He had one eyebrow raised, and he was grinning.

Outside in the clearing, Caroline wanted to avoid Charlie. But he came right up to her. “I did it!” he said, laughing. “I finally spelled down Caroline Quiner!”
Caroline smiled and then raised her chin in the air. “You won’t do it again, Charlies the second!” she teased back.
Charlie let out a loud guffaw, then turned and rushed ahead to catch up to Henry.

I LOVE his ‘one eyebrow raised.’ :-P

Of course A Little House of their Own is BAM SLAP filled with Caroles moments, so I’ll TRY to narrow it down to less-than-five. Let’s see if I’m capable. I love this book to pieces. 
Caroline glanced and Charles and was surprised to find him watching her. For some reason she felt herself blushing again, and she politely smiled and looked away. It was strange, but she wasn’t sure, in all the time she had known Charles, she had ever realized how very blue his eyes were.
THE chemistyyyy.

“You were always good at spelling, as I recall,” Charles said. “You were always spelling everybody down, including me!”
“You were able to beat me once,” Caroline said, suddenly remembering.
Charles gazed down at her and his blue eyes twinkled again. “That’s right, I did beat you, but only one time!”
I love them. Okay?!!!

And when Charles walks her home from the store, and they talk about finding gold and bird books.
“You really don’t have to walk me all the way,” Caroline said.
“I don’t mind,” Charles answered. Caroline was glad they were not parting ways yet. She discovered she liked talking with Charles. It was as easy as talking with her own brothers, but it was different too.
YES. OF COURSE IT’S DIFFERENT. You’re going to marry him, Caroline.

And then good ol’ Eliza ships them like mad (just like me, of course) and then we have the CORNHUSKING. I cannot tell you how badly I wish cornhusking’s were still things. They sound so much ridiculous fun. And Charles made sure he could dance with Caroline, despite the fact that he was playing the violin. AZUIUREZUZIU. I LOVE IT.
Then Charles himself was standing before her, eyes full of mischief.
“May I have this dance, Caroline?” he asked, and gave a little bow.
Caroline’s heart seemed to stop beating altogether. The whole room of dancers had turned to watch Charles after he had given up his post, and now they were all waiting to see what Caroline would do. It was a little like being the one with the red ear. A part of her wanted to run and hide behind a hay bale, but a bigger part yearned to dance with Charles.
And Charles happens to be a very good dancer and it’s SO CUTE.

AND THEN. THE LAST SCENE OF THE BOOOOK. After the short split-up, Charlotte’s wise words, and all their visits and conversations… THEY ARE TOGETHER. I’m pretty much elated. They are together.
And Caroline knew, deep in her bones, that her heart would always be with Charles Ingalls.

The cute Caroles scenes are NOT over – there are plenty of them as a married couple. I love that they are different, but that they respect each-other’s opinions and live with it in love throughout their marriages. Ma travels to different places for Pa; Pa promises Ma he will settle down in the end and give their daughters a good education. And they love each other. They DO. (Caroline annoys me a bit, actually, as a mother. But Charles remains a good chump always.)
“Never mind,” Ma consoled him. “Just tell them how it happened. Likely they have mice.”
“There’ll be more important things to talk about,” said Pa. “No, better just let them think this is the way my wife cuts my hair.”
“Oh Charles, you wouldn’t!” Ma exclaimed, before she saw that he was teasing her.
Haha, Charles. :-D

There are plenty of other Charles+Caroline moments like that one that I love in the Little House books (like when Pa plays the song about drunk people on the violin to tease Ma and when Laura says Pa still likes her despite the fact that he can’t put his hands around her waist anymore), but I’ll leave it at this.

Thank you, Ashley for allowing me guest post!

And you guys; what do you think of Caroline and Charles together? AREN’T THEY CUTE?

I love this post so much, Naomi. It made me fall in love with Caroles all over again! Thanks so much! And everybody go check out Wonderland Creek for more awesome posts like this.


  1. Oh, I want to read the Caroline series so much! Especially now, after reading of the cute moments! Great guest post, Naomi:)

    1. Thanks, Hannah! You should give the books a try. DUH.

  2. Caroles! Now that's a clever name. YES THEY ARE SO DARLING. Personally, I like Caroline as a mother very much :P Just sayin'!

    1. Thanks. :-) Yeah, she IS a good Mum, but she annoys me quite a lot actually. Sorry. For instance, I feel so sorry for Laura for "having" to become a teacher, just because Ma wanted her to. Anyways. I WILL always love Caroline. :-)

    2. I know what you mean . . . but we do have to remember, at the same time, that was the culture back then. "My son will be a soldier because I was a soldier," etc. Plus, teaching was considered a super, super, SUPER important job, so you can understand how it would mean so much to Ma to have one of her daughters go into that career . . .

      I know it's way better to let your kids choose their own career. Yes. BUT, I mean, it's not as bad as interfering with their marriage choices. Like, I don't think Ma is anywhere NEAR as blame-worthy as Lady Russell in "Persuasion," for example.

      Also, I have to say, I do think teaching was very good for Laura, even if she didn't always enjoy it. I think it helped her to become less rebellious, more gentle, and more patient--and those are all Good Things. So . . . yeah. I understand why you don't approve of what Ma did, and I don't entirely approve either--but I do think it was an understandable choice.

      (Sorry for the interruption. I just wanted to tell you what I thought about it all :-) )

    3. I get what both Jessica and Naomi are saying. Personally, I feel so bad for Laura having to teach when she didn't want to. But it all worked out for the best. I mean maybe she would have never had the chance to get to know Almanzo! I'm glad we don't do that parental career choice anymore though!

  3. It was so much fun writing this, Ashley! (Bennet is spelt with one T, in my case, btw. :-)

    1. Oh, and the title seems to be wrong... (?)

    2. Stink! I always mess up those Bennet's! Sorry!
      And I'm so sorry about that title. I read it to fast *facepalm*
      I updated it :D

  4. Great post, Naomi!! Yes, Charles and Caroline are ADORABLE together. Always. All the time.

    I love them :-)

  5. Gah! I just need to re-read the Caroline series! It's been too long!

  6. So now I CLEARLY need to read the Caroline books. Looks like my library has at least a couple of them, so I'll start there -- yay!

    Very cute post, as per usual, Naomi :-D

  7. Oh! These look SO good!!!

    "I LOVE his ‘one eyebrow raised.'" You know, I was loving that, too! ;) Heehee.

    Nice post, Naomi! I really should read these books sometime! :)


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